Help me to solve Download keep saying Unsuccessful

I have search for this questions and got several answers but the result still the same.

I have uploaded a file to Cloudinary and I put the link to google sheets. I can retrieve the link perfectly.

The problem is when I put the file url to download button even I set the notifier for that activity there is no alert or notifier was showing.

this is my block

here is the UI where I put the button [the purple button]

here is the result

I do appreciate for everyone who help.
Thank you in advance

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maybe this is a problem "

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wait, I’ll try

still same, the latest is in the top

Hosting May upload file and download it

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i don’t get your point. what should I do?

Send the link which is in this screenshot

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This is the link

but, when I try to access directly the link

is Cloudinary cannot accept PDF?

Maybe :thinking: use hosting

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That’s supposed to be the first thing you had to try.
if the url responded in the browser

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yes, the problem is browser has no response. but when i try directly download from the host, the file is exist with different URL. I have no idea

perhaps better like you mentioned