Help me to translate the date format by json

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could you help me to translate the date format by json

the time value like this “time”: 1601377200 from api source

I think the time you are getting is in milliseconds.

If you need to convert this in other formats like minutes, hours, etc,then clock component can do this

So just explore the clock component available in the sensor category.

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can you name the API Source.

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weather darksky

Google says it’s services are closing for Android and WearOS after Apple’s acquisition.

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yah … but its working for old users api’s

could you give me the method to translate the format please

Output - 01/19/1970 06:19:37 pm

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thank you …
but mills cannot get the string “time”

Here :point_down: is an extension from @bodymindpower

May it provide some help

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I believe it uses seconds and not milliseconds

Try this


thank you for reply … but its not working and this number is fixed
i give the time form api my name “time”
and this name give the numbers

A pro-tip:

Use Dictionary blocks to get data from a JSON instead of the component.

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how please ?

For now, Kodular doesn’t have the required block to convert JSON to a dictionary which is existing on App Inventor, so you can stay with the JSON component for now, but you can still convert JSON to the dictionary with few methods.

You can learn more about dictionaries here:


Well, if you are just going to show the schedule just for information you can do it this way.
It’s quick and simple, but you can change that date to change it in the app too.

Extension link

Using it that way you don’t need an API

It has these 3 models, you can go customizing if you want

the solution is

So what is the result (→ Do it)?

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