Help me with this error! Attempt to invoke YailList.size

Can someone explain me what is the error about?

I created a function which works with list item. Sometimes it works good but sometime the error appears.

That error means that you are trying to create a list out of nothing. How do you create your list?

At first I copy the list into a local variable and then do basic stuffs with that variable.

Post a screenshot of your blocks


Did you debug each tinyDB block?

Yes. Sometimes they works and sometimes not.

Try replacing empty string with empty list when you call tinyDB and see if it works

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if you are using the TinyDB.GetValue block you always have to think about which value should be returned in case the tag is not in TinyDB (for example after starting the app the first time)

for example if you use the index in list block on a value from TinyDB, what should be the correct value if the tag is not there? an empty string might be wrong…


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