Help mee regarding ads implementation

I got last 24 hours ad requst 42074 ad impression 16290 ecpm just 0.09 revenue 1 $ in Facebook audience network…

I added my blocks here why this is too low…please correct me if any problum in my blocks or suggest me anyother way to implement blocks

My app is a colintree listview app…


is kodular support bidding? :thinking:

Anyone please reply

Currently Kodular doesn’t support bidding and bidding use different api to show ads

I don’t know why Facebook doing these things in every 2-3 months

Bidding is not the problum any error in my blocks can i load ads like that…??

You can try Google Ad manager

When click on colintree listview it show ads somwtime can i add when ad not loaded show interstial ad block again??

to my surprise, I didn’t place the ad id correctly but the ad still appears. How did it happen :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Anyone here to for reply??

You can use global counter for clicks and a function (procedure) to call load ads and show ads.
Number of impression will decrease, but I’m using this method currently and working fine.

Can you share your blocks?? Iam using listview when click in list view it load ads some time it not showing ads. Please share your blocks

This is iam getting error when i return home and again click on listview

@Lollipop please share blocks

Please stop spamming and wait for a reply.