Help needed for an app

i want to make an app for check verified users, let me explain my point
i want app that have search box and app connected to firebase or airfable, i put all data in my database, when any user open app and search any thing if searched data available in database then out put will be “This is verified person” its very simple kindly help me to make it possible :innocent:

Welcome, what have you tried yourself and searched on the community? I see you have a reading time of less then a minute.

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let me explain more clearly
i put data in airtable or firebase
name alexa
name vibhu

user open app and search alexa and get result (“yes alexa is worker”) if they search amy wrong name like smith and get result (“no he/she not in worker list”

Same answer

We got what you are Saying,
And what you want to do.

But what have you Tried so far.

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Use the Search feature of Community to look for previously asked related questions, discussions and Guides.

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