Help needed for post text in web component

I am trying to implement payment gateway in my project. For doing that, i have to make post request to the api url provide by the company . So, i dragged a web component and did this

but i am getting some error. So help please help me. Here are some parameters that is required for making post request: url =
data =[
amt = 100
pdc = 0
psc = 0
txAmt = 0
'tAmt = 100
pid = random integer
su = any url
fu = any url After making post request i want to show received text in webviewer.

Try only with the purple block + join. And join after the first parameter the

you mean by using join text block?

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Several points can be checked. the url is right -check the return message -search the website for the return code -search the header - check the sample codes. The link you posted I can’t access

eSewa Document this is the documentation url

What did You try And don’t work ? ( With POST +Join ? )


The documentation says what parameters are needed for POST.

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