How to create sql query with parameter limiting results from database

Hi to all kodular users, i hope this finds you well.

I would like to ask your assistance if i could filter results base from query using parameter or any code that will be list in colintree listview. I would like to limit only results base from user input. Here is my code.

add a WHERE condition to your query, for example

... WHERE order_id = Textbox1.Text


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Try researching about SQL - commands, it will be necessary to learn.

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I already create an sql query on the php script to the webserver like this.

$sqlSelect=“select order_id,order_menu,order_qty,order_amount from tblOrderList where order_id=$order_id”;

but i don’t know how to pass the value of the textbox in kodular using the given query inside kodular, I want to filter data to be displayed in colintreelistview

What to filter?

Get data, use if then else condition (to filter)
Put the final result in colintree

And …Read

There are many topics about that subject in community.
Try search by web component post.
You will send via post with Join blocos , your variable = yourtextbox.text
So ,in block …