Help needed in creating chat bubbles!

Hi there,
Currently I’m working on a chat application and I want chat bubbles in it like this but the problem is that I neither know any programming language nor I know how to integarte any code in Makeroid. I even referred to many peoples chat apps across all the app builders (AI2, Thunkable, Appybuilder) communities but I was unable to understand the chat bubble part.
So, can anyone help me by explaining me how to make chat bubbles (like the above one) in Makeroid.


Try this:

Red - Horizontal Arrengement
Blue - Vertical Arrengement
Green - Image frame representation
Orange - Arrangement background image

So you set an image with a < shape on the left of the horizontal arrangement, then a vertical arrangement with the top part of the bubble, then the body of the bubble as the background of a vertical arrangement (excluding the top and bottom part) where you can place your text in a label, and then an image with the bottom part.


No, not like this I want every chat a separate bubble with time at bottom. Please see this link.
And tell me how to integrate that HTML code in webviewer.

Solved by the ChatView component (category: User Interface) in Kodular.

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