Help needed with webviewer

Hey guys i created a news app but im having a bit problem with the image i have shown in webviewer.
Here is the screenshot of the app and webviewer is used to show the news image. But the image in webviewer is very much zoomed. I have turned of the zoomed view property of webviewer as well but still its showing very much zoomed view…

Kindly help

I don’t actually know a solution to this problem, but it’s probably caused because of the image you’re using. It’s so big for the WebViewer to display in a small space. It may have another solution, so wait for another person to reply.

This is just something I think.

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If this is your own website, then you can fix this with CSS

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How does it look like in Chrome?

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@pavi2410’s right. If it’s your own website (probably yours as you’re gathering the news :slight_smile:) check your CSS. And you can understand if the issue is because of your website by testing it on Chrome. If it looks good on Chrome, the issue is not because of your website.

yes its my own wordpress website. but i think there might be some misunderstandings.
Coz this is my app in which i have used webviewer just to show the the image which is on the left. the text of the news on the right is from firebase. and image link is provided in the webviewer to show news main image.

You can solve changing the width size of the image to % not pixels other way you can set scale property on the style of the image… example

img src=“whatever.jpg” style=“transform: scale(0.6);”

scale(1) = 100%
scale(0.6) = 60%

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no is there no idea about in kodular