[HELP] open another screen with listview(airtable spreadsheet) and show detail info

Hi Koders! I just got entered into Kodular world from thunkable and I’m newbie here.
I need some help with my blocks
(if you could give me some tips or sample block, I would deeply appreciate it)

What I am trying to do is described as below (image)

P.S I already complete the code in Thunkable and it goes like this…
(But i think Kodular has quite different grammar)

Your topic will be delisted soon… Since you are not using kodular. Pls ask in the community in which platform you are using. You will get answer

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The topic creator stated:


Therefore they want help in translating that code into Kodular.

However, they should take the time to learn Kodular and create their own kode instead of looking for ready-made blocks. If they have problems they can show what they have tried.

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In such case user can use How to check if user exists in airtable sheet - #12 by Still-learning query method so he can retrieve only corresponding value will suits him most

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I just got started to use Kodular and I am absolutely a kodular user
Not using previous tool anymore due to several reasons.

Thx for your reply!

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Thanks Gaston! I’ll give it a try !!

Gaston thank you for your help but i need little bit more advise.

I want to show [Name / phone / time] info on [detail screen] with [each label] component
from spreadsheet of each column… but I couldn’t specify with current advise.
looking forward to getting your advise. deeply appreciate it!

Already suggestion provided add one web block, set url as

https://api.airtable.com/v0/add-your-base-id-here/add-your-table-name-here?api_key=add-yoyr-api-key-here&filterByFormula={name}=“textbox text”

And usr GET, you will get corresponding row details alone in a dictionary method, and just parse this dictionary into convenient method, then do your work…

Pls refer my previous link

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The previous example is wrong, it uses only (selection index) in value sent to the screen “detail” is received as a list, then it only uses “select list item” to extract the position of each data

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Hi Gaston! I tried what you suggest and it’s working somehow, but in a way bit different from what i expected.

↑ This is the block that i tried based on your advise, but on screen2 it shows all information altogether.

[Question] What if i want to show information of each column data separately by each label
like the image below ↓

Thank you for your help! Have a great day!!

hey instead of calling two times data from spreadsheet, just use get all rows and do the remining work easily


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@Still-learning Calling the entire table is not suggested, if you have 1000 records with 50 columns, a significant delay is generated, the correct thing to do is extract what will be used.

@Young_Kyu_Oh The NAME variable is not necessary, as I mentioned it sends it to screen2 with list format, you have to separate that, selecting the index you want to show.

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Thank you so much
I solved the problem based on advise that
You guys provided
Thanks again and have a great day!


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