Help Please me sqlite

When I apply picture 1 and picture 2, I get the error on the screen. I do not know. I tried a lot but I couldn’t find a solution. can you help me. google translate :((

T_yanlis is not a column name double check it and write column and table names in this format

It should be SELECT 't_yanlis' from 'tpl_2b1b' WHERE 'id' = 1

this error test (conneck to companion) is running. When .apk is done. errors appear. the same encoding exists on all pages but 2 pages give the same errors. Is not used if there is no + (addition) sign.

Why did you are using +1 with query

to increase the number of correct answers. If I do not do this, it adds from 0. in this way, it collects the last value in the building.

But the error is t_yanlis table and in block you are executing this column query to set text in second image did you try this

thank you for your answers. but there is no .apk error in Android 7 version. A lot of errors in Android 9 version. very interesting (((:. table, I changed the column names. offff same again

I removed the ‘_’ in all table names. fixed. no problem :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:. Thank you for your interest. Muhammed :pray: :pray: :pray:

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