Help recover my project

I accidentally deleted a componet of mine project …
Deleting that component
Removed mine all blocks related to that how can I recover
Is @Diego can you help me

I don’t think now you can do something just quit all the browser and again start the project this helps sometimes if you mis clicked or deleted something by mistake but now your project is saved i don’t know what to do but remenber this tip to close whole browser.

Projects are saved automatically so need a quick responce to exit the browser

Can someone help me

Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve the deleted component’s blocks.

That is the reason that there is a confirmation dialog explaining this clearly before deleting the component.


If not

Importing screen doesn’t works also

What do you mean “doesn’t work” ?
Can you elaborate on what you are trying to do ?

Importing and exporting screen doesn’t work that what I mean

use undo in block section

He has deleted a component so the undo option won’t help him.

Don’t worry bro! @Diego can recover it to your past saved projects and can provide you with the backups. I know this because the same happened with me also and he has helped. Just wait for his reply.
Also, you will need to provide him your Project ID of which the component has been deleted.