Help Regarding Card View Extension And Airtable

So i am making a app which shows each movie list
But it is not showing photo and more than one item but i have added 4 items

Please Check These And Help Me out

You have to use list view not the card view one to serve your purpose.

I think the problem is that you are using posters as attachments.
Try with URLs.

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Bro i want to display title, description, image and that is not possible in list view
And this one can do and many people use this

Bro But that is problem with image na?
Why aren’t other things loading

It is possible.
You have to just use \n while joining two items to show every item in new line.

I tried with links now photo is appearing but same bug only one item

I cant understand

Is There Any Good Person Who Can Help Me :sob:

I have Fixed It MySelf By Searching A Lot
And this guide helped me

I Still Dont Know Reason But I Atleast Got Right Blocks

Actually main problem was that i was using vertical arrangement not vertical scroll that why so after changing it starts working

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