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Hello !
Is there any way in chatView, by which we can add a new message at top position? Please suggest?
Means old messages to be shown at down, and new message up.

I think no, i haven’t seen any option,

A Joke for You

(rotate your mobile to view upside down, so you can see new messages at top)


A question for many users

where from peoples get these amazing ideas?

A good one,! But i won’t be able to read messages this way!:joy:

always chatview shows messages in this way, so this one also similar to others,

What’s the point in adding a message at the top if all the updates to the conversations always show at the bottom?

I don’t know why you want to do that but you can do that in this way…

scrnli_12_21_2019_8-24-37 AM


I am trying to develop something different. Not a chatting app!

Thnx mate! I found another solution, that by reversing the list , it can happen! :grinning:

…and it will completely re-order items which can be a problem if you want to show data.

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