Help regarding Dynamic Component Extension

I am using Dynamic Component Extension by @yusufcihan.
All things are working properly but the problem is how to send start value by clicking “any dynamic button click” to next screen, with associated value.

Show your blocks what have you tried and the answer is very easy.

here have a look

blocks (52)
Use these blocks.

What will come in value?

Just add whatever value you want to send to the next screen

I am getting value from airtable. Should i use select list item?

Yes use that logic

I use this :

and result this:

The blocks which i have provide is correct, maybe you can show your “show” screen blocks.

“show” screen just has image component. I am sending image url to show screen

:point_up_2:t2: :point_up_2:t2: :point_up_2:t2:

This is my show screen:
blocks (1)

Check using a label or a notifier that what if the value you’re getting in “show” screen

show screen is not opening see

You have problem with the list, or maybe it’s not a list, You can PM me.

Noor_E_SaharFixed.aia (624.0 KB)
Here take the Fixed AIA, and tick this post as solution.

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now explain this block.
And thanks for your help. :innocent:

I honestly have no patience.


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