Help Regarding image component

How Can I Change The Shape Of Image like circle rectangle rounded sphere etc …
Component name :- Image Component
Or Is There Any Extension available which can do it ?
Gracis !

You can use an image of your required shape!

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Yep, edit your image into the shape you want. (And don’t forget to make the background transparent)

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:man_facepalming: i want to add system in my app when user select profile image then its shape should changed to circle because rectangle doesnt make good ui

If they spend time on making transparent and editing images no one like to use my app​:grin::grin::grin:

oh, you mean that when users set profile picture, it should be automatically croppped to circle shape? Like Whatsapp?

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Use card view…insert the image inside the card-view and add radius as per your desire.

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Yes Friend

:joy: it will better if i use image component :kissing:

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Method 1 – You can use a circle button so you can add image inside.
Method 2 – You can round the corners of photo by using Image Editor component to make a circular image.