Help regarding replying issue

Why I am unable to reply anyone on community . It’s showing your first day replying limit is reached . Why this type of message is coming …someone want answers and I am unable to reply them . Please solve this


It happens when you have reached your daily replying limits.

want to know more about trust levels

check this out


@vishwas @David …Hello sir please extend WaLya Express replying limit .I think due to some bug he is unable to reply us on community

@Hackit_Sagar i can’t it is via the regulation of community. you may need to contact @Kodular staffs for this. and i don’t have any special permission to edit replying limits.

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Respected @makeroid , kindly fix this issue please​:disappointed::pray:

This isn’t an issue with the community, as @David said you must be at tier 2-3 to have more replies per day.


Oh @Kodular can You Please Fix This Issue As-Soon-As Possible???:pray:

No. Just be patient. Read about trustlevels and learn why they are important.


It is not an issue, rather a safeguard to prevent scammers from flooding the community with unwanted posts.

@walya_express will have their limit removed as soon as they level up their trust level, by actively participating in the community.


@Kodular please solve this bug

please read this

Thanks :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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