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I m using mysql extension in app. yesterday my webhosting server got down. i want to use alternate database in such situation for future. i thought about if mysql result not fetch change database by blocks in kodular. nut there is no blocks in mysql extension if server down.

Reason 1
your hosting limit is reached so in your hosting you made 1 database or 100 database all will be
terminate for 24 hours(Infinityfree & 000webhost) so you can’t use other database also.

i m using jumbohost. it is paid with 5 GB SSD Disk Space, Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Bandwidth

which sql extension you used from deephost

yes from deephost

opps for that my logic can’t work

i have no idea how can i use alternate in such situation. my app user will uninstall app.

if you use two database from same hosting its never worked.
if you have different hosting then you have to maintain two database.
after server down can you access your database from cpanel if yes then try to export your sql and import it in other database again its depend upon how big is your database

i m using jumbohost
my website ,cpanel, hosting provider website is not opening.

i m getting:- This site can’t be reached

thats the reason why i am telling that its not possible and you can’t manage two database in two different servers.
you want to store data or retrieve when server is down.
normally serve is down for apprx 5-6 hours/month if you have more then you have to change hosting.
currently its not opening from my office pc

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