Help required for my app (will pay for a session for my queries)

Hello, first of all I want to tell that I have no knowledge of codes and neither am I from tech background. I have a plan/idea and using kodular platform I think I can create an app. But before starting I have few queries. I am writing my queries below and would be really glad if anyone can take out time for a 1 on 1 session with me and shows me the steps in kodular platform by screen sharing. I am ready to pay for this generosity (for payment discussion kindly pm me).

  1. I want to develop an educational app. In it, I would be dividing the topics day wise. For ex - Day 1 will have 4 topics , day 2 will have another 4 different topics, and so on. Total number of days is coming to 240. Hence just for mentioning the topics I would be requiring 240 screens (which will have 240 days). Now I have created the resource in html (using storyline) and stored them in Google cloud. So I would be attaching a webviewer page to each topic. For ex day 1 will have 4 topics (in one screen) and each topic will link to another screen with webviewer , where I will embed my resource. So I calculated , the total number of pages is coming to 1000. Is it possible in kodular? If not what is the solution? (1st query).
  2. For now I have created resources for a month (120 resources). So will it be possible for me to make the full app with all screens and deploy in Google Play (with the 120 resources) and then as I make other resources, I’ll upload in Google cloud and will copy the link from there and paste it in the webviewer somehow so that in the app it gets updated? (2nd query) - for ex suppose I created a website using wix or Weebly and publish it. Later on if I made any addition or deletion and publish it again, it will reflect in my website. Can I do the same with kodular? And if I add any resource later in my app will it reflect in the live app?
  3. Can I connect razorpay with my app using kodular?
  4. Kodular is free but my app will be subscription based. So do I need to pay any money then to kodular?

Thank you

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