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Sim a imagem do do fundo da Screen em si e não do vertical


You can also set background image of vertical arrangement from its properties.


Use this block from vertical arrangement blocks and set your image name in a text block. (fundo.jpg)

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I think you didn’t understand what I want to do, it has to be in separate screen because both screens have a different background, the screens themselves and not the arrangements. The way you’re talking about will change only the image of the arrangement and not the Screen.

Here my solution
When screen 1 start if get start value = empty go to screen 4
else you set all block to login

blocks (13)

On Screen 4 Start
Clock enable for 2 seconds (you can change to you need)
After 2 seconds go back to Screen 1 with start value and close screen4
blocks (14)

When screen 1 start again read the start value and this is not empty else > all block to login it is executed.

I hope this solve you question

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As i said before these arrangements will work as screens not need to use different screens.

This will looks as background image of screen.

Why not you try it and show us result.

I am pretty sure this will work for you, as you want.

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Gustavo tell me if i’m wrong please !!
You start make you app for login first on screen 1 but need show screen 4 first like splash screen, I’m in the correct thing ?

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Make sure that you have set height, width of arrangement to fill parent, to work as a screen.

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Yes, you are right, I think it will work I move something from clock2? or do I leave it as is?

Just imagine how will be the result of this…

When app open, screen1 will open, it check for start value then it go on screen4 for flash and then again return on screen1 to show login.

This is not a good practice and also your app will consume more RAM of device and may be crash in low end devices due to Out of Memory error.

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You it can fit as more you liked

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Is this right? Screenshot_2

I will try your way to see which is the best for my application but I need some time to do this

Kiran i know that but Gustavo is a beginner and start your proyect not in the right way. Only and post a solution to her.

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Yeah, try both methods. See results and choose best for your app.

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I am just suggesting best way to do that.

Its all on him/her to choose best method.

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Trie with this
blocks (15)
I’m not add all block


OK Gustavo now its work to you need ??

Happy for you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: it works for u. Best luck for your app.

I given to you the solution to your question, but this is not the right way to make app.
I understand that you are beginning but you need to learn some basic things.
That’s let’s propose a challenge to you !!!
To create the splash screen and login on the screen 1.
Why? why is this the correct way to make an app.
Any doubt or consultation that you want to do only send me a PM.
Greetins, nice weekend

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