Help to arrange full length in tab bar

Please help to arrange full length in tab bar…

See here:

You need to change the TabMode property to Fixed, the same property exists in the TabLayout component.

Source :- TabLayout - TabsMode


A little research … and testing …



Turn On Fixed Option

Explain please

See my answer above to know what block / property should you use , you could also check the documentation as @Rogerio_Rios said.


Friend , please Read @Mohamed_Tamer answer.
Read … Please

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I tried but tab text not show full length and tab aren’t scroll…

Have you set the tab mode property to Fixed
It works with me as I’ve already shown :slightly_smiling_face:

And the tabs are scrollable.
This how you should set it:

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I want to do this
If you have idea please make a demo or AIA file please

I made some experiments , seems that you have to set the tab mode from the blocks in order to work , this behaviour didn’t happen with the view pager :sweat: Try to use this block on screen Initialize:
blocks (4)
I set the tab mode to 1 for fixed as the documentation says. Adding it before it after creating tabs works for me.

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