Help translate app

I developed an artificial intelligence application and can speak only in 2 languages (English and Hebrew)
:grinning:I’d be happy if you could help me translate my app

Example of translation:
Before: “Hello”: “Not translated yet”,
After: “Hello”: “和平”,

Here’s a link to my app (your translation will be there:wink:):

At the moment the translation file will translate only its vocabulary (that is, the question is asked and then it answers), soon I will create a translation file that will translate the app itself

Anyone who helps translate the app will access the application credits as its translator :wink:(if they want)

If you want to translate, contact me:wink:

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You must respond to the Arab users :joy:

I did not really understand what they wrote :sweat_smile:(even after I tried to translate it). Besides, many users who do not know Hebrew or English write reviews with a few stars because they do not have their language in the application

The language that is really important to have a translation in this application is Arabic

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But the problem is that I don’t think the voice speaker can be in Arabic

It’s OK. There is also no speech to text in Hebrew and Hebrew users quite like the app