Help with a list view for events using Firebase

Hello everyone!

I am trying to create an event listview with a dataset, I have tried to do it with blocks from other questions but it is not working.

In the listview I only have to show the name of the event, after they select an event it will be detailed with the data: location / date / time / price / duration / organizer.


I hope they help me, thank.


What you try in event After Picking block ?

Thanks for the help! but I still can’t solve my problem, I used what I recommended but it shows me the user IDs, I need the events and the details of each one. In the two images I show how I carry the DB in Firebase and the blocks. Please I hope you can help me.

Captura de pantalla 2021-03-14 194443

Maybe :

already accomplished the process of showing what I want. Now, when I click on an event, the perfect details appear, but after clicking on a detail, everything is distorted and I cannot return it.

These are the blocks that helped me to show the events with their details.

and finally if it is not a big problem. I would like you to guide me on how to do it so that registered users can register for each event created. For example: event 003 was created with your data, and 16 users can register for that event.

Your problem , esse Solved.

You set the firebase URL in the designer mode and after selecting the particular tag also you are using firebase URL in the block. I hope it won’t work. Instead you can use another firebase database component,do the same and you will get succeed…

Thank you very much for the help. Yes, I was able to show the events with their details, but when the user clicks on a detail detail of the event, all the details are distorted in the list views. Example: Home is initialized / created events appear / user clicks an event / event details are displayed / and if the user presses a detail everything is distorted.

Show us. :thumbsup:

@Carlos_Perez , here is i have used simple coding

In the designer mode i have used the fb url as

firebase structure


Blocks structure

If i press the event 01, response in app

If i press the event 02, response in app

Listview 1 will show the event list

Listview2 will show the selected event details
Is this ok for you?

No response from anyone even after 14hr of the post … :pensive: :pensive:

Hello. sorry for not answering is that I had some problems. Going back to the point. that structure is fine but it shows me the details on that same screen. which should not be so. Example. I have the events created and I show them in a list, after pressing an event that shows me the details on another screen, only about that event. and to finish I need you to help me in that in each event created I need the users to register. Example2: When creating the event in this case it is a soccer game. That the players (users) registered in the app, sign up in that created event. there are 16 records that I need. for an 8 vs 8 match.

No worry. In that block just slighlt adjust… in the second firebase got value block you try to add, Open another screen with start value and screen name…

And in the next screen, use the block when scren2 initialize. use the list view elements get start value

Well, it worked perfectly, thanks. I am only missing the record of each user in the created event.

I think still I didn’t catch your point …

As per your post we solved the query.

Still seeking further help mean, need to know few more details. No issue.

Do you have all the user records in firebase ??

I’m sorry. If the question is already solved, this is something additional to finish my project. as directed i need users to sign up for created event.


List 1: List of games

List 2: Registered Users for every Game till 16 players.

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