Help With Admob Revenue

My app has almost 100 impressions Of Rewarded Video, Interstitial and banner ads but only 0.01$ in earning Did They reduced ecpm to 0.10$?For all such ads or changed to cpc?

hmm yeah there is an problem i use facebook ads

same happing to me my app have 50,000 active per day and i get 4-5 dollar per day but after new update of kodular my app impressions is only 2,000 that not possible because requests are over 80,000+ but no impressions

there is an problem and many people report but … Kodular didn’t listen
some user report it

there is an bug like - if Interstitial ads show on button click in screen 1 and user fastly move to another screen 2 and from screen 2 he move to screen 3 and on screen 3 if he pressed back button of phone that screen 1 will appears and again he pressed back button the screen 3 will come and this only come when i use Interstitial ads i dont know about Rewarded Video (because i didn’t use it) and this bug even works if i close screen activity manually.

but there is an really problem in impressions

This is not a bug, ad SDK takes time to load.
If you want to show ads before loading ads then it will fail.
Btw, how many screen do you use?
How to solve this issue?

  1. Decrease number of screen.
  2. Don’t show ads on first click on a particular screen.
  3. Use back button to show ads.

That’s very disappointing​:disappointed_relieved:

Bruh…:roll_eyes:I have problem with revenue not with ad

Reply was not meant for you.