Help with "Bluetooth Admin - Scan"

I’m trying to get the ‘scan’ function working.
Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 1.01.23 PM
I have given the required permissions and try to run the scan but the “After scanning” procedure doesn’t get called. Tried pushing the output to a label and list but it doesn’t seem to show the new devices.
Any idea what i’m doing wrong?

Is this all of your code?

this is just the test app i made to see what it does… so yes, that’s all of it

post designer images

PFA, thanks

Everything looks fine for me. I don’t know where you make a mistake. Perhaps someone else can help you, I cannot. I never used Bluetooth components


Ah it can be that you forgot to call Bluetooth_Admin.Enable? I’m not sure if that’s the mistake.

I tried that. That enables/disables bluetooth. That seems to be working.
That’s when i had a doubt if it was a bug with kodular…
Will try testing it with other devices. Might have success with older android version.

Then why is the Enable block not implemented in your code?

for testing purpose i had bluetooth enabled already. had previously tested with the enable block and go the same result; that made me wonder if it was the enable block which caused some conflict.
In either case it did not work.

Tried the same on an android 5.1 based device. Appears to work as it’s supposed to.
Guess android 10 (or my devices; idk) seems to have issues with the scan function.
It took a good 20+ seconds to display the result.

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