Help with custom update dialog

I am creating a custom update dialog which i have used in my previous app i have copied all the blocks and pasted them into my new app but i don’t know what is the error it is not working it is always showing the custom dialog even the version code is same but in my previous app it is working good

It seems your app version code and your spreadsheet version code are not same

Both are same version 1

There is only two way to display the dialogue as per your coding which is not incorrect

Either version code should be different

Or there should be No Data/blank/other than code

Recheck Your data API base table name and all

And what is in your app


And what value are you getting back from airtable check in do it means are you getting the value or not

Can you post a screenshot of output?

Yes i am getting the values but after checking the version code custom dialog is not closing

This is a loop! Hope it helps.

Ok ThankYou everyone it is working but can we make lottie animation playable in custom dialoge?

:confounded: We missed a common setup to check!

Change this to Version Name

No need it is working my mistake it is not working in companion but it is working after installing app

But Version Name is not equal Version Code. Not possible to work if you nither change that marked block nor your database version name.

I am only considering version code

Can we make lottie animation work in custome dialog?

See here :point_down:

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