Help with dynamic components

Hello, everyone I created this screen.

But I can’t make it like this. I want to repeat on the first screen the row again or twice like the second screen, but I can’t.
And These are the components of the screen. I’m sorry if I can’t deliver what I want to say because of my poor English.

You have to set the card horizontally

How do I do that?

it’s easy if you already know how this enxtensi works.You just need to try more methods on your head.

I created this, but when I tried to repeat it accidentally, I couldn’t because I’m still a freshman.

May be this reply :point_down: from dynamic component extension topic itself can help after a little-bit adjustment according to your needs

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You need to create a horizontal arrangement and create cardviews in horizontal arrangement and if you have already did it then please expand your blocks as we can’t see it

Check out this aia file. It will help you.
card.aia (15.1 KB)

You can modify it as per your need.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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