Help with "favorite" button color and remove favorite

Hello, so i made a quotes app that generates quotes from Firebase database when you press “Quotes” button and you can also press the heart button to add the curent quote on another firebase database that contains the favorites quotes. How can i make the heart button red when pressed and when i regenerate the same quote, the button still red?

And also, in the “Favorites quotes” screen, how can i remove a quote from the screen and from the firebase dadtabase when long-click on a quote?

Is not so easy to explain. Make a flow job to understand what you need and where .

  1. Have you a list of users? How you log in them or detect who is playing the app ?
  2. When you know how detect the user you can save data about favorite and manage it as you want , add or remove items and save them under the right user.

When you have data you have only download them in the right screen and show them

I hope it’s clear and a good point to start