Help with firebase authentication

I have searched on google and on the forums and I cant seem to figure out how to save data under a users name.How do i make the real time database store data under a users id? Is there are an actual way to do it or should I just create a bucket and a tag under their user id or something else like that. I am kind of a noobie and I would love if someone could help me with this! :slight_smile:

Don’t mind, but if you really searched for it, you MUST have got a solution. Community is getting full of mess day by day with repeated threads making it hard to reach to the thread that really could help.

Anyway, show your blocks that you’ve tried.

Example 1

Example 2

These are only example understand and use it however you need it

This is just a test program I did to login and sign up to see how it works. My question is how to store the values they generate under like their name or should I just like retrieve their like id or something and create tags with their like ids after somehow getting it and store the data and under it.

To create profile system, you must need a Unique Auth ID stored in users profile. You can retrieve UID (generated automatically by firebase) while user sign up / log in and use it as Unique ID.

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