Help with firebase database

good morning. I need your help … I am starting a database project (the first time I use it) so far I enter the data perfectly. now my query is the following … in the image you see the line that says “laerapush” then the entered values ​​are released … my question is the following which blocks should I use so that every time a message is sent it changes where it says “laerapush” either by entering a text or randomly. in order to save what was entered and that if it is re-entered it does not overwrite. Thank you very much for the help

You can either:
Make a subtag for all values you don’t want to be overwritten
Use append block. It acts as a add items to list but the list is in the Firebase.

Excuse me, how do I create a sub tag?

If I want a subtag in a tag,
I set a project bucket until the subtag, then when saving fill the tag with the subtag name.

users-childs-0 = John
1 = Peter

Set project bucket to users/childs
save tag as 0 and 1