Help with get a number and set variable

Hello! Someone can help me with this error? I don’t know how to fix it :sweat_smile:

Thanks everyone!
Javier :kodular:

Hi @JaviR3TicS
The input you put in the first parameter ( the list parameter) isn’t a list( although it must be a list ).You need to check your data stored in tiny db.As it isn’t a list of lists.( it must be though so it can work with your code ).BTW, a list of lists will be something like that : ( (2 3 ) ( 3 6 3 ) ( 8 2 ) ( 8798 87979 hiuh 1 ) ).See here :

(from @taifun’s website)
Another attempt is to change your code so it can work with the normal list ( 87 2 8 4 )
That will require you to have one select list item block


And now how can I replace this number in the list?

You mean replace specific item in a list of lists?

Can I do it?

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of course.There was a daily challenge about this as well :wink:
See here:

But is it work with TinyDB?

Yes of course ):

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