Help with list view

Deas , Im trying to creat app for clients informations with real time firebase .
I add list view to show the clients names , when i pick a client name from list view it should
call the data and its appers in labels , The problem i face after i pick a client name every thing gos well but the list view elemnts trun to tag name , i need it to saty with values ( client names )
please help

blocks (6)

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Hi. Show how you save the data in Firebase.

Because you designed blocks like that only… see get tag list block is there in two places. After picking first time from list view again you called all the values of picked user details so again the list view got tag names of that particular user

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Probably. Seeing the data tree we can understand if it is an error or he want to show two different kind of data :+1:t2:


Here is the data tree , Also a screen shot of what happened before picking and after picking
Please i need the list view stay with values ( client names ) insted fo turning to tage name

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After  Picking


Use index method

Initi one new global variable with string or intiger

When fb got tag list 
If global variable is not equal to empty text 
Then... (Existing all blocks)
Else ...

When list view after picking
Set global variable to (any text) call
All remaining blocks.

Try and let me know

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Thanks ,

In fact i’m beginner i cant understand what to do as text explanation :sweat_smile: , i was expecting block explanation , If posible

Thanks a lot and sorry for bothering

see you have used get tag list in two places but expecting common action

1. screen ini

2. after picking

so that the list view changed the tags list after picking the user

Yes , But i tried to remove one of them , But if i remove the one in the initialize they tags not appear in the list view & if i remove the one in the listview after picking the informations not appear in the labels , i dont know what to do

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Nope you should not remove… you need to change little bit after picking the value from list view…

use another list view(or lables if you prefer).. Once data picked from listview 1 hide it and make visible the livst view 2… Upon back press hide the list view 2 and make visible list view1

got it Ok i will try , Thanks alot

Dear , Its solved , I found the problem , the problem is I initialize 2 global variabels when one i removed one , its work

Thanks verey much

best regards

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