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Hi, I am pretty new in Kodular and I can not find any solution for my problem.
I have a tinydb with one tag and the tag has three values (ex. 1-2-3).
I would like to show in my listview only the first value of each item.

Can someone suggest a solution?
This is my block.

blocks (2)

Thank you

Hello, note that the text option has an option to cut arrangement by special character, that is, you can indicate that it cuts the list every time it finds a “,” and so you will have the list divided and you can take the position you want

Dblist.aia (2.6 KB)

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Hi, I saw your solution.
The fact is that I store the items as follows:

Each item of my list is made by 3 values; each item is not a list but a join of 3 elements…
That’s why I cannot show the first element in my listview.
Hope I was clear :smiley:
Do I have to change the way I store elements?
Thank you

Use split item

Hi thank you for your help.
With your solution, I only can see in my listview the first item.

For example I have 3 record under tag safedb:
john - doe - 20
paul - bond - 22
mick - rick -52

I would like the listview to show as follows:

Going crazy… :smiley:

Try this procedure


Like @dora_paz you can use each number to looping item


If your problem not solved. Please explain more…

@sugarlesscreator there is a known bug with split block with android version 10 an higher and that is the reason that I use more blocks in order this procedure to work with no problem despite android version.
See here


Thank you.
It works!

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Last thing… Which method you can suggest for storing data?
I mean, list or different tag?
For example, my tinydb has one tag “safedb” and more items. Is it the best solution ?
Thank you,

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