Help with Openload API

Hi #Koders

I was finding out about Openload API

But it turns out I’m not good at that :sweat_smile:

Could someone show me an example?

Attached capture of use of Openload API:

And the site: Openload API: How To Use the API with Free API Key | RapidAPI

May this helps:-

Yes! I was also reading that, but using the web component is as if I was trying to learn Chinese :sweat_smile::joy: (Excuse me if someone speaks Chinese)

Test this aia file and tell me it is working or not:-
Openload.aia (16.6 KB)


I changed the β€œLogin” and the API Key, gave me this execution error

You are doing something wrong.
Try setting label text to response content then see what you are getting.

Post is not found

OpenLoad is closed forever

The site redirects to:

@Boban maybe you can close the topic? Or any moderator :sweat_smile: