Help with Search Button

How can i implement search button on my App and use it to search list view item that are on my Database?


Before creating this topic if only you would have searched in the community for your search related doubt, using the string ‘search’, then you would have got many related topics in the search results

P.S. My above answer itself has many ‘search’ :laughing: :laughing:

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None has been related to my issue
Pls read properly or translate to your country language for proper understanding

This might help you.

This may help I have used same in my app and works fine.

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it’s easy with deephost extention.if you need more information then must be reply

That was complicate. Use deephost extentio. I am not promoting anyone.just for your help

Some times it doesn’t work this method is just looks complicate but when you understand what to do its very easy and 100% working.

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As your wish

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