Help with showing top 25 wallpapers from airtable

Hello !
I have created a wallpaper app. I want to show all wallpapers and top 25 wallpapers using airtable. For showing top25 wallpapers i have created a count view system. The problem is I want to show all wallpapers in one tab and in the other tab it must automatically show only the wallpapers having more views than others…
I tried sort by option in airtable by views (from z to a) but then that is implemented in my all wallpapers section also. I already have 10 tables so I am not creating another table for trending.
I don’t have any blocks picture to show because i Just can’t get any idea of showing only top 25 without sorting it in airtable.
If anyone knows the solution… please tell me.

you said you have created a count system, did you also save that count in your airtable? If yes then you can do this =
when you load a list from airtable then try to make a separate list of wallpapers with most views. As you didn’t provide any images of your blocks and of airtable, so I can’t tell you how hou can make a seprate list in your app.
So please post these images also, so that we can help.

You can also do it like this =
save wallpaper links in your airtable in this format [email protected]@@count or [email protected]@@wallpaper_link
here I joined the wallpaper link with its count using @@@
So when you load your list from airtable in your app then just save both of these values in different list using block “split at”

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But I will not suggest you to use view count if you are using airtable, bcoz airtable have lots of limitations and this will make your app laggy and less responsive.
Instead you can add likes system, here there will be less load/stress on airtablr when compared to view count

also if you really want to use view count then you can use a different database like MySQL, google spreadsheet, etc bcoz in services like these there is no such limitations which you will found in airtable


Yes that’s true the app is becoming very slow and also crashing sometimes. I will go with your idea of likes. (or may even change to MYSQL because airtable loads data very slowly :frowning: )And then try to show the most liked wallpapers.
Thank You :grinning:

Hi there
Let me introduce my Aittable extension. You can get your data from airtable sorted by any fields you want.

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Great extension!
I wanted something like this only.
Thanks @Kevinkun :+1:t2: :grinning:

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