Help with tinydb

Hello guys
I need helping
I am creating a app to check-list
But, there are 4 different items to check in different moment
All in the same screen
But I don’t now how do, to save what was done, and when I restart the screen, what I did, automatically be showing me

What have you tried so far ? Post a screenshot of your blocks

provide some screenshots so we understand what you’re talking about

In the screen how many fields you have, add the result of all the field values into make a list and save this list value in tinydb.

When screen reopen by using select list item list put the respective field values from tinydb

I tried do this:
1st (I created a empty list (to try save the text components)
2nd(I created procedure to add the test in textbox)
3rd (I put a button to do the 1st and 2nd)
4th (i created a procedure to restore the stored text in tinydb)
5th (when screen inicialize I created that If)

but, i’m completely lost… lol lol lol

Are those labels, buttons or what …?

I tried doing what is in print screen but I believe that is wrong

Post a test aia here if you wish

I will share my project
APP_MATRA_2.aia (3.3 MB)
the screen that I’m do this, is “POSTES”

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make this changes and test


instead of restore you have added wrong procedure and since the tinydb holds lists items, you must set create empty list if no value found

it is not working
I will show my App working

I need that, when I close the screen e open again, get value from list

i am unable to test your aia. may be due to very bad network your project hangs a lot (more compo you used)

If you now another way to do this, Can I try lol lol
But here, open normaly

wait, found the reason… if app connects mean let mean confirm you

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Just now connected and got working . pls made changes like this

to overwrite exisitng values else list will continue to go,may be… not tested


YEHHHHH… Its Working now
Thanks my friend :laughing:

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