Helper needed to develop new mobile CRM for Contractors

Hi, I am looking for someone who is very good with Kodular to help me develop a mobile CRM app for home improvement contractors. We need three modules: 1) Leads/CRM 2) Simple Agreements that can be signed via ESIGN or eSignature 3) Payments via Fiat currency & cryptocurrency will be nice to have. You can see the interface we are using in the pics as per attached. I need someone who can think out of the box (eg, use speech recog, QR codes & OCR for example). Pls see the pics & reach out to me via DM or we can discuss on Whatsapp or Zoom. Thanks

Making it in appinvetor will be a road trough pain and disappointment. Please consider using professional frameworks.

That’s why the user asked on the Kodular forum!

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I have done this with Flutter previously. But have a lot of issues with finding someone who is available to make changes. That is why I am looking at Kodular. Thanks

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Can you explain what is this CRM mean I don’t know much about it. If I can understand what’s that mean then I might help.

I believe CRM is used for Customer Relationship Management

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Oh i see now.

Hi am a flutter developer. You can knock me for any help regarding flutter

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I think the company from which I just read a guide on how to create your own crm can help you.