Here I had Built Something Amazing : Video Status App

What is the name of your app?

Video Status (WhatsApp) :heart_eyes:

Describe your app:

In this App you can find Different Status Videos Which you Can View, Download And Share it.

New Database can Be Built using Airtable And All Done.

Uploading Option For Uses Is Under Development . :sweat_smile: App user can be able to upload the r status video with this feature


App Store/Download link:

com.techyrakshak.WhatsApp.Video.Status.Parvez.apk (6.0 MB)

Some Problems With it

  1. The CardView Extension (Material Card + Camera View Extension) used to load All Image A One Time which make the App slow
    Rather I had already requested @CarlosPedroza27 and @Andres_Cotes to Add option in it to show content without image and load I side by side (Which is mixing CardView And PedrozaGilde Extension)

Thanks To

  1. @Andres_Cotes for CardView Extension :heart_eyes:

  2. @Jerin_Jacob For Airtable :airtable:

  3. Thanks to @taifun for Adding WhatsApp media share in Taifun Sharing Extension :heart_eyes:



Can i help you in something with this app with designing of this app msg me if you want some help regarding designing

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You should thank @Jerin_Jacob instead :smile:


Sorry i was not knowing its developer!!

and now it’s edited