Hex format number

I would like to know if there is any way in kodular, to format a hexa number so that it can be represented by more digits, something like the option “% 8x \ n” in C, or: 08x, in my case I need to join a binary vector + the content of a Textbox (which must also be sent in binary format by BLE)


You mean leading zeros?

There is also this block in the math category

Yes solutions works fine in decimal however how is possible obtain leading zeros in hex format? when I do conversion, output not have leading zerosHelloW_Screen1.ais (2.5 KB)

I would like to send the binary data “53,0x01” to the device via BLE using kodular, is it possible?

Did you mean 0x53,0x01? if affirmative, you can create a list and then send usign send byte list module. Here one example.
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Thank you for your reply.

I’m using BEL extension, not Bluetooth.