Hex to Kodular / RGB converter [Python]

Color Converter ~ Convert hex colors to Kodular / App Inventor Integer Color or RGB color.
(enter hex color without “#FF”)

Python Requirements:

  • pillow
  • pyqt5
  • pyperclip

I wanted to do this while learning Python. Maybe it will be of use to you. I am using for dynamic schema program (yusuf cihan’s extension)
I’m using for me as I don’t want to use color converters as blocks.

Without Download:

Download :
ColorConverter.zip (6.4 KB)

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Maybe explain what this does?

I think it refers to the “templates” using Schema from Dynamic Components :thinking:

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Nice idea but something isn’t quite right, see the difference in using your color converter and using Kodular’s color utilities

please remove “#FF


I mentioned that I use this program for dynamic schema.
dynamic schema is a json file. It’s easier this way.
The dynamic scheme python program prepared for the Dynamic components extension cannot convert the colors correctly.


And what if we use alpha opacity value ?

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not possible

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