Hi Guys, I need a tile extension for Notificationbar please!

Hi guys I need a Notificationbar Tile extension please. if you don´t understand what I mean watch this:
https://youtu.be/ED8oy3-eZcM .
So you can add a Tile to the notificationbar.
Thanks alot.

Hi techno_tutorials539! Why do you want the ability to add a tile? Will it be to open your app, or change a setting? (Not because I want to make extensions, just so I can help you) Is it okay for the user to have to install the app?
For any extension-makers, here’s the docs: Tile  |  Android Developers
By the way, it’s called the Quick Settings menu.

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Hi Kendell_r
Maybe both, because in my App you can change a lot of your mobile settings. So please both.