Hi, i need help with selecting a list that is in a list

so here is whats happening:
when the firebase database updates, i get a value of all the database as a list, and inside that i have a small list.
this is what i get from the firebase database:
(nothing {message=“test”, user=""} {message=“test”, user=""} {message=“test”, user=""} {message=“yyttttyy”, user=""} {message=“ggg”, user=""})

and this is what i get after selecting item 2:
{message=“test”, user=""}

now how can i sperate that into 2 sperete list items?

thank you for helping,
ofir aviel

Hi @ofir29200,

If you mean you want to reach to a value that stored in “user” that stored at second list.

Then use (select list item) index =2 and list = (select list item) index = 2 and list = (your database list)


You should not write all post in bold.
You can use split text or list from csv row text to make this a list.