Hi is there any differrence

hi if a child of 12 yrs asks what is airtable will u suspend his account and delete the topic coz he is askink some thing about airtable.
ya i am talking about @Ekansh_pandit atleast mods can make it bit perfect coz my english may not be good.
then also see this topic Need some advice on Extension Developing
cant a child developer ask things about airtable
do u know what impression people have about kodular
no but i am still not boycotting kodular coz i know u can make good apps from kodular

so i mean to say is first kindly ask like @Adhil_Salim asked me what help do u want.
i also know in java also u have long codes but understand airtable like that

*i have request to mods if there is any issue then tell & dont suspend a learning childs account
. if i am new to airtable then

By reading this i am on your Side.

But if there is a other side too.
i would like to know it first.

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He was told on previous topics not to double post. Like everybody else who should know that double posting isn’t allowed he is suspended for 2 days in the hope he will remember next time.

Can you tell me who you are since you have the same ip adress as @Ekansh_Pandit?


no there is not

i am logged with my one of the family members email id

ya but u deleted my first topic thats the problem if i wanted to learn about airtable u could not delete it but you could make me modify it.

This is not about age but you behaviour on the Internet. Action would be taken reasonably if it is against the rule.


ok so i understand i understand the problem then tell me how to create table and use in kodular
can i create it a topic
i didnt read the guidelines properly i mean i didnt knew that your posting 2 times u get suspended
i am really sorry for writing those rude words
but i hope i can create a topic to know about airtable i will delete the post
hope u forgive me .after 28th i will go through guidelines again
it was my words @Ekansh_Pandit

if u wish i log out for now from this account and meet on 28th with my original kodular account

u can flag this topic totally ur wish

pls respond to mY answers