Hi there all in one social app is here

What is the name of your app?

all in one social app

Describe your app:

it is app for less storage phone because facebook,instagram etc. if you have more than 5 social apps after 4-5months they total take
about 1 gb storage that is so much for less storage device also bored of searching apps of android and switching tabs here is the solution !!! you can run 7 social apps here


App Store/Download link:

made by kartik community


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how was the UI (User interface ) of app

App UserInterface
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Next time just edit your post instead of opening a new topic. I allow this for now. Please remove the tags to your topic. This has nothing to do with asking a question.


It’s very if you connect this with database and add multi social media without updating app. And also improve UI this is not good.