Hide address in external browser~?

hi~ is it possible to hide address in external browser like chrome?

i don’t want to show my url.

when i tried use webview, it made error.

all of links are working but some links are not. like intent// bla~~

that’s why i want to use chrome browser

help me plz…

:thinking: I think that is not possible. You can’t control chrome browser from you app.
Why you are used external browser ?

thank you for your answer. i want to share my content in my mobile homepage.
but it’t not working.

when i press share botton in hompy using “custom webview”. facebook, twitter, pinterest are not woking. but kakao is working.

when i use “webview” facebook, twitter, pnterest are woking.but kakao is not working. zzz

i want to make all of those things which facebook, twitter, pnterest, kakao working in my mobile homepy.

that’s why i want to use external browser~

Sorry but I am confused with what you want to do !!!
I don’t know what kakao is ??

If you are using share you need to set what content be share.

kakao is a kinde of sns.

del2 2020-09-08 141449

Thank you

Can I suggest you another idea of ​​your app ?
Only your app shows your website (hiding the address) and when you share you share the link to download your app not the link to your site.
I hope you understand what I mean.