Hide dynamic text box display

Hello friends, can anyone help me, how do I hide the display of dynamic text boxes,

Give more info. So show your blocks.

Why are using textboxes?

I intend to hide the dynamic display of the text,
I do not know what to do

because I want to include a download link in each image

I guess you should remove one of the dynamic textboxes in your blocks.

You can use dynamic buttons for downloading

thank you peter it worked

Thank you friend

Thank you too. If you have difficulty about dynamic components you can pm me

ok friend,
how to add a vertical_scroll_arrangement4 component in the dynamic_card_view component

for adding scroll arrangement to your cardview you should use add component to cardview block. If you want create and add scroll arrangements dynamically you should use @yusufcihan 's dynamic arrangements extension

can you give me an example of the block, because this is still confusing for me

I wrote false extension name. The correct one is dynamic components extension. Here is blocks for creating scroll arrangement in cardviews.

and here is aia file

DynamicExample.aia (23.6 KB)

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thank you all for your help

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