Hide keyboard when text box got focused

i have tried it by using hide keyboard block from text box and screen1 also but its not working so i need to hide keyboard when textbox got focused how help me please…

It is strange.
When a text box will get focus it needs input so I think this should not work.
Text boxes show keyboard even we have not used show keyboard block.

s but i am making a calcular app where i designed a keyboard with buttons so i don’t need the original keyboard how

You need to create an empty space not a text box and create some buttons which when clicked add numbers or other text to the space. You can make this space a label

Disable the Textbox then. It stays modifiable for the program but not for users (keyboard won’t be shown at an interaction).


How to disable the text box could u explain me please


Set it to off

no, text box must be enabled but when taped no key board must come

You could try this, i didn’t test it.


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no its not working

What happens when you do it?

keyboard is coming

don’t understand why that would make sense, but try this



Why must it be enabled?

As I have said in my above post it is also same with hide keyboard.
Text box will show keyboard even you use hide keyboard block.

use a label rather than a textbox


Ore use a textfield-like thing, arrangements round the label.

It is actually used (Puffin)