Hide or Make Volume System Bar Transparent?

Hi everyone, I´m doing a magic app, which perform some actions when Volume Up is pressed. The user can connect a Bluetooth remote (which sends vol. up action) and when pressed some things happen in the app.

My concern is that when that happens the volume system bar appear on screen and I need to hide it some way.

I´m using the Volume Events extension to detect the volume change, and then perform the corresponding action.

I have look on the forum and also asked ChatGpt, but the answers are not useful, and in some cases it give some script that I don´t think apply on Kodular.

My question is, it is possible do it without accesibility permissions? I know some apps out there hide it without needing any permissions.

Thank you so much in advance.

Edit: Another solution could be using an extension that detect Volume press instead of Volume change, so the volume bar don´t appear but I get the action.