Hide save icon (Print) in google viewer

Hello community, I am building an educational app, in one of my screens I have Personal Creation material, a button is for Download and another button is for View PDF File.

In the first button I have the Google PDF Viewer, so that the user can see the document (without downloading), then there is a second Download button (in case the user decides to download the pdf file), where I have Rewarded Video Advertising.

The problem I have, is that Google Viewer also has the download option, is it possible to deactivate it ?, is there another way to view the pdf file inside the app (like a popup window).

I think this might helps you, App Inventor Extensions: Pdf | Pura Vida Apps

I already tried the sample app from the Play Store, it does not help me since the pdf must be inside the SD mobile, what I want is to only show the PDF file from the web.

then download that to mobile and then show to user, by using download component